Price: $2195.00

  • Normal landing gear advisories
  • Abnormal landing gear advisories
  • Overspeed (Vne) advisory
  • Stall warning repeater
  • Hour meter activation
  • FAA PMA/STC approved
One Little Distraction Can Make a Good Pilot Look Bad!

It’s the nightmare that every retractable-gear pilot fears: A perfect flight, followed by a belly flop on the runway because someone forgot to lower the landing gear!

You are now faced with a damaged plane and a badly-bruised ego. Regardless of what the reason for the mishap, you will always be remembered as the pilot who made the gear-up landing.

Unfortunately, this scenario has happened to pilots with a wide range of experience all too often. According to the NTSB, more than half of all accidents today involving piston retracts are gear-up landings, and are estimated to occur at an alarming average of 6-7 per month!

The landing gear warning horn found in most general aviation aircraft is mechanical and functions relative to throttle position. Many of them are either hard to hear or difficult to differentiate from a stall warning horn. On top of that, you have a perfect storm if the pilot is distracted or wearing a noise-cancelling headset.

That is where our Audio Advisory System can help. It has been designed to be your full-time electronic "co-pilot" whose main job is to monitor your plane’s landing gear position and alert you with a voice annunciation, on each and every landing.

The system provides the pilot with AUDIO (it actually communicates with the pilot through the headset and/or speaker) and VISUAL (through an illuminated annunciator) advisories. It functions by continuously monitoring airspeed and other inputs and converts them into the appropriate audio messages. Whether you are busy studying an instrument approach plate, or just conversing with your passengers, the system is always watching over you.

The cost of the system is far less than an expensive gear-up repair bill and is a great way to upgrade your legacy airframe with some modern avionics. Your passengers will love it too!

Click here for some interesting reading on gear-up landings.

We incorporate state-of-the-art, solid-state technology for years of reliability. Weighing in at only 14 ounces (the optional Hobbs hour meter adds 3 oz.), the system has a negligible effect on your plane's useful load. Finally, we back our product with a 12-month warranty.

“There are those that have and those that will”. Don’t let one distraction make a good pilot look bad!