During installation, an airspeed "threshold" is set into the AAS computer for your specific make and model of aircraft. This value is the manufacturer's recommended final approach (Vref) speed, plus 10-15 mph/kts. This value is adjustable, up and down, in 5 mph/kt increments.

Once airborne, the Audio Advisory System continuously monitors the airspeed of the plane and compares it to the actual position of the landing gear. Once the plane slows down to the set airspeed threshold, the system will inform the pilot whether the "GEAR IS DOWN FOR LANDING (male)" or to "CHECK GEAR!...CHECK GEAR! (female)".

The AAS also maintains a watch over any excessive airspeed. It will annunciate "OVERSPEED!...OVERSPEED! (female)" anytime the speed of the aircraft reaches Vne (red line). This is a handy feature especially when flying in IFR conditions and/or at night.

The model 6601 has a stall warning repeater. It takes the signal from your aircraft stall warning horn and translates it into a distinctive tone that can be heard through your audio system (headset and/or speaker).

In addition, the system provides an airspeed-activated output for an optional hour (Hobbs) meter to keep track of actual flight time, not tach time. The AAS activates the hour meter once the speed of the aircraft is above 50 mph. This translates into saving you money. Overhauls can be done based on "time-in-service", instead of tach time. Depending on how much taxiing time you accumulate, this feature alone can pay for the cost of the system.