How Does Sky Buddy work?
1. Plug Sky Buddy in your plane
Simply plug the Sky Buddy into a power source (either 12 or 24 volt), and you are up and running. The unit can be panel mounted or portable. An optional dash mounting bracket is available.
2. Start using your Sky Buddy
Operation is as simple as twisting a knob. By turning either knob clockwise, the numbers increase. Turning a knob counter-clockwise, the numbers decrease. When a knob is pushed in momentarily, the pilot then has the ability to change the resolution (see specifications) to suit the situation.

For example, when being vectored, you will use the HEADING window in 5 degree increments and when flying an airway or shooting an approach, the 1 degree increments would be more appropriate.  

The same operation applies in the ALTITUDE reminder window. While enroute, set your cruise altitude with the appropriate increments of 100' or 1000' (4500' VFR or 5000' IFR). When on an approach, the pilot could set the MDA, 1120', or field elevation rounded to the nearest 10 feet.