1. Can I permanently install a Sky Buddy in my certified aircraft panel? You should be able to obtain an FAA Field Approval since the product can be categorized as "non-essential electrical equipment". We have had numerous customers get this approval from their local FSDO office.

2. I have a 24 volt electrical system in my plane. How do I select the voltage on the Sky buddy? You don't have to as the Sky Buddy does this for you automatically.

3. Are there any aural warnings?
No. Remember, the Sky Buddy is strictly a reminder that you set. It does not interact with any aircraft system at this time.

4. Can I run the Sky Buddy on a portable battery? Yes you can, and the type of battery one uses will determine how long it will run.

5. I want to install the Sky Buddy in my panel. Where can I find the dimensions for the panel cutout? Click here.