Install, Fly, then Download... at your convenience.

Install TimeTrac Hardware.
A typical hardware installation requires around 3-5 hours of shop time. We also provide the avionics installer with software to verify that the installation is working properly.
Once installed, the TimeTrac hardware will begin to record each flight leg and store them until they are downloaded. The "box" has the capacity to store months of flying.
Download data to a PC.
The process is simple and takes just a matter of minutes to complete. Once the legs are downloaded, all component times, etc. are up to date.
The TimeTrac hardware (onboard computer) receives serial data from the aircraft GPS navigation receiver and records a series of flight "events". These events are power-up, takeoff, landing and power-down. When an event is recorded, the associated time, date, latitude and longitude are stored as well. All of the records are saved in the hardware until downloaded into the TimeTrac software at a later time. The hardware has the capacity to record thousands of events and are recorded in a loop; when the loop is full, the first record will be written over and so on.

Each TimeTrac onboard computer gets its own identity, which happens to be the serial number of the aircraft in which it was installed. This unique identity is entered during the first software-to-hardware communication. This initialization assures that any downloaded data is applied to the correct aircraft. Since no two aircraft have the same exact serial numbers, there should never be a data mix-up.

The TimeTrac hardware has its own internal clock which is backed up by an internal battery and has a life of ten years. 

In the rare situation where there is no navigation device on the aircraft, TimeTrac will need to determine ground or flight status by using a connection to an external switching device such as a squat switch, pitot pressure switch, etc. Without serial data available from a navigation source, the lat/lon recording and automatic airport identification feature of the TimeTrac software will not be available.