Here are some examples of what our TimeTrac customers have to say about the product:

"Since implementation of TimeTrac to our fleet, countless hours have been saved by the ease of updating logs and status sheets. Dispatch reliability has improved with the increased monitoring of accessories TIS. It's an excellent product for the small fleet manager who wants to spend more time flying and less doing documentation. Thanks P2!!!"
Clayton Erhardt /Air Cargo Fleet Operator
Director of Operations
Integrated Commercial Solutions, Inc.

"For the first time since purchasing my company's P210N, I have a crystal-clear picture as to exactly how much time is on each of my aircraft components. TimeTrac has been particularly helpful to me when budgeting for future expenditures and preparing me for what work lies ahead when annual inspection time comes around."
Tom Revier - P210 company aircraft

"Not considering myself as a real computer-savvy guy, I was initially apprehensive about adding TimeTrac to my plane. When I realized that I could save myself a least 2-3 of billable hours of research at each annual inspection, I had one installed in my Cessna 206. The software installation was surprisingly easy. Time Track has saved me time and money, and makes keeping my records and logbooks a snap! TimeTrac has been a very valuable addition to my plane, whether on wheels or floats."
DL Bailey - Cessna 206 owner/pilot

"TimeTrac really keeps me organized. My logbook is detailed and up-to-date like never before. I would say that it is a very worthwhile investment for the time-starved private pilot"

Mike Stephan, Cessna 172 owner/pilot